Gait is dynamic. The dynamic Elite AFO and the gait dynamic SWING ASSIST SPORT Rehabilitator knee brace used in combination facilitates accelerated gait rehabilitation by incrementally improving gait biomechanics as the patient simply walks in the brace. Over time, the affected leg becomes stronger and the precise sequence of muscles firing improves, resulting in a significantly improved gait with and without brace use.

Features :

  • Three bands of compression at the thigh, knee joint, and calf provide significant proprioceptive stimulation to facilitate neurological input allowing many patients to more effectively volitionally control leg movement with device use.
  • The Elite Rehabilitator facilitates heel-to-toe gait, dorsiflexion of the ankle/foot and leg extension in swing phase. Most importantly, the uniquely flexible footplate of the Elite Rehabilitator encourages volitional muscle firing to strengthen and rehabilitate the lower leg.
  • An extension SWING ASSIST facilitates heel strike with gait, significantly increasing quad firing and incrementally strengthening the leg over time to improve gait biomechanics and gait efficiency.
  • Routine use corrects learned hemiplegic gait muscles memory to significantly improve gait, even when unbraced.
  • Using two devices as opposed to a KAFO provides flexibility in device use, depending on patient activity.

Patient must be ambulatory with or without an assistive device to benefit from this Hemiplegic gait Othrotic Therapy.