Knee Support and Strengthening
One Step at a Time


Guardian Brace has revolutionized the osteoarthritis knee bracing industry with its ‘Rehabilitator OA-L.P.’ knee brace. Guardian Brace have engineered a knee brace that is a proven clinical breakthrough in terms of design, philosophy, and patient care.  Nearly all conventional static knee braces found in the market today exhibit fundamental flaws that inhibit the wearer from rehabilitating at an optimum pace.  Guardian Brace has improved upon these flaws of conventional static knee braces as it is clinically proven to strengthen leg muscles, correct foot placement, and build proper neuro-muscular memory to promote healthy walking mechanics for the patient.

We have coined our product line as ‘Rehabilitators’ because that is exactly what these products do.  They REHABILITATE lost or weakened leg muscles and remedies degenerative osteoarthritis.  Our OA –L.P.  features unique, patented technology which distinguishes it from all other knee braces on the market.   Our engineers have created a brace which in many cases can serve as an alternative to knee replacement surgery or in the event of surgery expedites the recovery and rehabilitation process like none other.

The only brace clinically proven to be more effective than exercise
alone to delay the progression of knee OA


The pathological changes in OA gait biomechanics are directly linked to the progression of knee OA2. The OA Rehabilitator knee brace corrects abnormal
OA gait with routine brace use. With 90 days of daily use, a clinical study has demonstrated that the gait correcting features of the OA Rehabilitator
re-facilitates neurological excitation of the affected quadriceps muscles leading to increased un-braced dynamic support of the knee joint. Patients on average had an increase of quadriceps strength of 47.6% and

 hamstring strength of 29.3%, demonstrated significant reductions in unbraced knee pain and increased functional capabilities. Most importantly, the knee adduction moment was shown to be reduced by 48% in the unbraced knee compared to a 14% reduction in patients completing 90 days of a supervised exercise program alone. Thus the use of the OA Rehabilitator is believed to be more effective than exercise alone in the conservative treatment of knee OA.